Automatic Bricks & Blocks Making Plants (Vibro Compacting)


















Automatic Bricks & Blocks Making Plant is used to produce Best Quality Bricks & Blocks with Vibro Compacting Technology. This Plant is used to produce multi product like Fly Ash Bricks as well as Pavers Blocks, Solid Wall Blocks, Hollow Wall Blocks etc.


Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Plant mainly consists of following Equipments:


1. Pan Mixer:


Pan Type Mixer of required Batch Capacity is supplied along with the Plant to mix the Raw Materials like Stone Dust, Fly Ash, Cement, Sand, Water etc homogeneously. Sidewall & Bottom of the Pan Mixer is fabricated from Best Quality M S Plate with required Thickness. The design is very sturdy & reliable to let the Mixer Run trouble Free for years without any breakdown.
The Mixer is fitted with Imported Planetary Gear Box & Best Quality Electric Motor. Homogeneous mixing is ensured by Specially Designed Mixing Arms. The Batch Capacity of Mixer is depending upon the Production Capacity of Automatic Bricks & Blocks Plant. Manual Discharge Gate is provided with standard Plant, but Hydraulic Discharge Gate is also available as optional.


2. Mixed Material Belt Conveyor :


Belt Conveyor is provided to transfer the Mixed Materials from Pan Mixer to the Hopper of Hydraulic Bricks Press. The parts like Main Structure & Idler Roller Frames are fabricated from Good Quality Structural Materials. Moving Parts like Idlers Rollers, Driving Roller and Driven Roller etc are Provided with Best Workmanship & Good Quality Bearings & Pedestals. Rubber Conveyor Belt is provided with M24 grade, 3 Ply Rating, Endless.


3. Vibro Compacting Bricks & Blocks Machine:


Vibro Compacting Bricks & Blocks Machine is the main unit of the whole plant which converts the raw material in Bricks or Blocks by use of High Frequency Vibration. The Vibro Compacting Bricks & Blocks Machine is fabricated with Heavy Duty Square Pipes & Fitted with Best Quality Hydraulic Cylinders & other accessories. Bricks & Blocks Making Machine creates High Vibration of 3500-4000 vbs to form Bricks or Blocks. Bricks & Blocks Machine runs automatically by the mean of P L C Based Control Panel & Hydraulic Power Pack. Hydraulic Cylinders are made with best quality materials, workmanship & accuracy. Feeder fan is provided to ensure quick filling of raw materials in mould cavity. Proximity Sensors are used to complete the auto cycle.


4. Hydraulic Power Pack:


Hydraulic Power pack of required sump capacity & other Hydraulic Accessories like Hydraulic Pump, Direction Control Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Pressure Gauge, Oil Level Indicator etc is provided alongwith the Plant. Hydraulic Power Pack supplies Hydraulic Oil with required Pressure & Quantity as per required to complete the Pressing Cycle. Most of the accessories used in Power Make are manufactured by YUKEN & Polyhydron.


5. Control Panel:


Programmable Logic Controller (P L C) based Control Panel is supplied with the Plant to operate the Plant. Three Modes of operating like Manual, Semi Automatic & Automatic selectable to operate the Plant. The Control Panel is fitted with Best Quality Electrical Accessories & Fitments like P L C, Display Module, Push Buttons, Ampere & Volt Meters, Contactors, and Over Load Relay etc.


Technical Specifications of Automatic Bricks & Blocks Plant (Vibro Compacting)

Sr. No



CBP 750

CBP 5000


Mixer Type

Pan Mixer


Mixer Capacity

400 kgs/Batch

400 kgs X 2 Nos


Pan Mixer Motor

7.5 HP

5.62 KW

7.5 HP x 2 = 15 HP

11.25 KW


Mixer Speed

25-28 rpm

25-28 rpm


Mixing Arms

04 Nos

04 Nos


Crushing Rollers

N. A.

N. A.


Pan Mixer Feeding




Pan Mixer Gate




Belt Conveyor Width

600 mm

600 mm


Belt Conveyor Power

5 HP

3.75 KW

5 HP

3.75 KW


Bricks Press Type

Vibro Compacting Bricks & Blocks Machine


Bricks Press Capacity

1500-1800 Bricks/Hour

600-800 Pavers/Hour

4200-4500 Bricks/Hour

1500-1700 Pavers/Hour


Bricks Press Vibration

3500-4000 VBS

3500-4000 VBS


Vibration Motor

7.5 HP X 2 Nos = 15 HP

11.25 KW

10 HP X 2 Nos = 20 HP

15 KW


Bricks per Stroke

10 Bricks

21 Bricks


Bricks Size

230 X 110 X 75 mm

230 X 110 X 75 mm


Hydraulic Motor

10 HP

7.5 KW

15 HP

11.25 KW


Trolley Feeder Motor

1.5 HP

1.125 KW

1.5 HP

1.125 KW


Hyd. Oil Tank

400 Ltrs

400 Ltrs


Hydraulic Valves

YUKEN Make 240 VAC


High Pressure Pump

N. A.


High Flow Pump



Oil Cooling

Water/Air Cooling


Control Panel

PLC Based Control Panel


Pallate Feeding




Pallatiser Motor

2 HP

1.5 KW

2 HP

1.5 KW


Box Feeder Motor

2 HP

1.5 KW

2 HP

1.5 KW

Total Power

43 HP

32.25 KW

60.5 HP

45.37 KW

Note: All of the Specifications, Dimensions & Designs are Subjected to change without Prior Notice. Please confirm the details at the time of Order Finalization. Check Commercial Terms & Conditions.

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