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Cellular Light Weight Concrete (C L C) Blocks are produced by Mechanical Mixing of Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Water and Special Foaming Chemical which produces a Strong Light Weight Concrete, containing evenly distributed small air bubbles throughout the mass of Concrete.


Advantages of C L C Blocks:


  1. C L C Blocks Save Time & Money by fast construction, even wall & less mortar.
  2. Reduced Dead Load saves Steel & Cement in Structural Work.
  3. Most economically suitable for Multi Story Buildings.
  4. Electricity cost reduced due to high Thermal Insulation of C L C Blocks.
  5. Superior Fire Resistance.
  6. Good Compressive Strength.
  7. More Life Span then other Bricks.
  8. Any size as per requirement may be produced easily.
  9. Increased Carpet area then ordinary bricks construction.
  10. Reduction of Plastering Cost due to even wall finish.


Main Raw Materials : Cement
    Fly Ash
    Foaming Agent(Chemical)
    Mould Releasing Oil
Curing : Manual Water Sprinkling for Curing
Total Power Required : 11.5 HP / 8.625 KW
Land Required : 2500-3000 Sq Mtr
Labor : 10 Unskilled + 2 Skilled
Production Capacity : 15 Cubic Meter per Shift
Blocks per Cubic Meter : 24" X 8" X 8" = 40 Nos
    24" X 8" X 6" = 56 Nos
    24" X 8" X 4" = 80 Nos
C L C Blocks Density : 400-600 Kgs/Cubic Meter = Thermal Insulation
    700-1000 Kgs/Cubic Meter = Non Load Bearing Partition Walls
    1200-1800 Kgs/Cubic Meter = Load Bearing Walls
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