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AAC Autoclave
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AAC Autoclave

The Autoclave for the AAC plant is a large, heavy-duty industrial autoclave. AAC autoclave is widely used in the treatment of concrete materials such as aerated concrete block concrete pipe, lime sand brick, coal ash brick, micropores calcium silicate board, heat preservation asbestos board, and high strength gypsum.

The cleavage for the AAC plant is the main equipment for the aerated brick assembly line. It has been one of the largest processes in the production of aerated bricks (steam bricks) for heat and high-pressure maintenance of bricks since the inception of AAC autoclave.

In the manufacturing process of aerated bricks, it is important to ensure that the standard of high-temperature autoclave bricks provided by Autoclave is more stable.

Therefore, in addition to the autoclave for the AAC plant, there are irreplaceable steaming devices crucial in the entire aerated brick production process.

This wide range of products is understandable for its environmental friendliness, diversified use and renewability. Further, these products improve the durability and strength of the final products and materials. We are also exporting our Indian products. We have an excellent team of experts and engineers, with vast experience in all fields. We have achieved a unique position in the industry. His sharp business skills, competent guidance and brilliant organizational skills have helped us to move forward.

Which helps us build better machinery that is not only better design wise but also suitable for the functioning of productive plants. We now bring our remarkable expertise to the planet of stone crushing equipment and concrete batching plants with innovative solutions to unresolved industry problems. We offer value-added products and services that generate significant wealth and value for our customers. With a unique mix of skills, experience, teamwork and focus, we strive to be the best choice for the supply of artifact plants and machinery.

AAC is suitable for tall buildings and people with heat variations. Due to its low density, tall buildings constructed using AAC require less steel and concrete for structural members. Thanks to the low number of mortar joints required for laying AAC blocks. Similarly, the material required for rendering is also less due to the dimensional accuracy of the AAC Autoclave. The increased thermal efficiency of AAC makes it suitable for use in areas with extreme temperatures, as it eliminates the need for separate materials for construction and insulation, resulting in faster construction and cost savings.

The AAC Autoclave can be a very large steam curing pressure vessel and therefore the Autoclave is the main tool for making aerated bricks and aerated concrete. Our high performance horizontal cylindrical AAC aut toclave is made of high quality steel, used for steam fly ash brick, sand lime brick, slag brick, aerated concrete cut block, cement pile and other new lightweight wall materials. Our Autoclave for AAC blocks is ASME code wise with a high level of security, high performance, flexibility, process control and straightforward ease of operation.

Product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our future commitments to our partners. Collaborate with locally renowned universities such as Shandong University and Kilu University of Technology in optimized optimization of the Famous Talklave System, Structure Design and Heavy Forging Process.

Our oc can be a horizontal cylindrical device made of toclave steel. The quality of the autoclave is sweet, and its performance is reliable. The AAC Aut Toclave is a pressure vessel and key equipment within the production of aerated concrete and autoclave bricks. It is applied to fix the cut body or brick in heat and under high condition.

We are a leading organization that satisfactorily caters to the needs of various industries. Some of the industries we serve include pharma, chemicals, minerals, food processing, paints and many more. Committed to realizing engineering excellence, we are constantly working to meet Indian and international production standards. We are introducing a new technology for bricks known with great pride and pleasure as Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC).

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“Orbit Intelligent Engineering” is a well-known manufacturer, exporter of almost qualitative assortment automatic fly ash brick plants, automatic ash brick plant. Integrated in the year 2004, at Mehsana (Gujarat, India)

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