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AAC Block Plants

Raw Matrial Handling Devision

Storage Silos, Hopper, Handling System and conveying system, Slip & Glaze Preparation Devision, Designing and manufacturing customized semiautomated slip house system & Glaze preparation area, Ball Mills for slip & Glaze preparation, capacity – 50 to 20000 Kgs/batch with Variable Frequency Drive System. High Speed Blunger from 200 Kgs to 10 tons/batch capacity Agitator / Slow Speed Stirrer for slip / Glaze tanks from 1m3 – 220 m3

Casting Section

High pressured casting system for the items of 2 part moulds like WB, tanks, tank covers, pedestals and Indian pan, Low pressured Manual casting, Battery Casting Plant for WB, One Piece, EWC, Pedestal, Cistern Lid, Orissa Pan, Lower Lifting Casting (LLC) Machine for cistern and sink, Beam Casting Machine for complicated items with box rim stacking system Plant Environment control system with Humidification & Heating system

Green ware Drying & Green Products Handling Section

High Chamber Dryer with imported Fully Automatic Firing Control System, Green Wares loading Cars or Trolleys for Dryer Monorail Conveyor System for Green Products Handling Tunnel Dryer & Placing Line Dryer

Inspection / Finishing and Glazing Section

Inspection & finishing booths (SS/GI) with dust collection system, Dry / Wet Glaze booth (SS) with 99% Glaze Reclamation facility, Carousel Conveyor System with Manual Glazing facility, Green Wares / Glazed wares handling Cars / Trolleys

Mould Preparation Area

Fully auto Plaster water mixing & Slurry Preparation handling Plant, Plaster Blending, Transfer and storage System, Mould drying system with storage rack with palatising system

Firing & Re-firing Section

Kiln Cars, Hydraulic Push Puller System, Waste Heat Utilization System, Fabrication Work on total turnkey based as per given drawings Glazed Wares & Fired Wares handling Cars / Trolleys

Value Added / Quality Improving Equipment’s

Wares Grinding Machine, Inner trap Glazing Machine, Water leakage testing Machine, Sanitary wares load Testing Machine

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“Orbit Intelligent Engineering” is a well-known manufacturer, exporter of almost qualitative assortment automatic fly ash brick plants, automatic ash brick plant. Integrated in the year 2004, at Mehsana (Gujarat, India)

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